Sweet switch for chocoholics to cut sugar intake

Chocoholics have been urged to consider switching their regular sweet treats for a delicious alternative to reduce their sugar intake without compromising on taste. Research by a team at Queen Mary University of London has shown that sugar levels in high street chocolate bars have soared in the last 25 years – with some bars having as much as 65g of sugar per 100g.

And while everybody needs a sweet treat once in a while, no-one needs that much refined sugar in their diets. Help is on hand from the delicious range of chocolates from Enjoy!, which are produced using much lower levels of sugar.

The research revealed that high street milk chocolate brands had an average of 54.5g per 100g, where as Enjoy’s Captivating Coconut bar weighs in under half of that at 23g per 100g.

One familiar fudge product was also found to have 65g of sugar per 100g, whereas Enjoy!’s fudge range – which includes Opulent Orange, Velvety Vanilla, Magical Mint and Barmy Banoffee – contains four teaspoons less at 44g.

What’s more, all Enjoy! products are made using coconut sugar instead of refined sugar. Coconut sugar, which is made from the sap of flower buds from the coconut palm tree, is a natural sugar that ranks lower on the Glycaemic Index (between 35-54) than refined white sugar (between 60-75).

The delicious Enjoy! range boasts 26 products, and all the recipes are free from the 14 main allergens including dairy, soya and gluten. The base recipe contains just three organic ingredients – cacao powder, cacao butter and coconut sugar.

Enjoy! founder Chris Crutchley created the range of delicious free-from chocolates after suffering for years with intolerances, meaning he was unable to enjoy the taste of chocolate. But Enjoy! is not just for those with intolerances or dietary requirements – its range is a delicious treat for anyone with a love of great tasting confectionary.

“We all need a sweet treat every now and again, but most people probably don’t realise how much sugar they are eating when they pick up a chocolate bar,” said Chris.

“We all know there’s no such thing as ‘healthy’ chocolate but by making the simple switch to one of our products, people could reduce their refined sugar intake significantly without losing out on taste or quality.

“The fact that our products contain less sugar on average than high street brands is no surprise to us as we’ve always set out to do things differently. And while we’re proud to cater for those who have food intolerances, first and foremost we make great tasting chocolate and fudge that can be enjoyed as a delicious treat by anyone – in moderation of course.”

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