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Flavours and colours work side by side in confectionery, writes Hélène Moeller, Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Flavors and Colors, ADM, in this guest article for International Confectionery

Hélène Moeller is the Vice President, Global Product Marketing Flavors and Colors for ADM with over two decades of experience within the food industry, holding several senior positions in marketing and product management. She is passionate about flavours, citrus and the whole world of ingredients for foods and beverages. Hélène is a graduate of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität/Université de Bourgogne and holds an MBA in International Marketing from ESB Reutlingen. 

Flavours and colours are two essential elements in the confectionery space that work seamlessly together to create treats that are both visually appealing and deliciously satisfying. From handcrafted chocolates and sugar candies to petit fours and macarons, striking the right balance of colour and flavour is an art and science. Confectioners embracing on-trend flavours and colours in their sweet creations can elevate the sensory experience of confectionery by delivering indulgent and adventurous options consumers crave. 

Self-expression through flavour and colour
Consumers are drawn to applications with fierce flavours and vibrant colours as people strive to express themselves and their distinctive lifestyles through foods and beverages.  

As a result, we’re seeing loud and bright shades and new and exotic flavours penetrate the market, bringing in a new wave of expression to confectionery, candies, over-the-top baked goods, desserts and snacks. Prominent examples include the “Barbiecore” trend and other colours, including blue, teal, purple and orange, all of which help shift consumer moods toward brighter moments. This theme in particular is influencing the colours and flavours consumers are most drawn to as they actively seek out confections that provide excitement and playfulness. 

Consumers are captivated by confectionery items that include ingredients with flavours they perceive to raise their spirits. Vibrant, bright and zesty orange is associated with citrus and tropical fruits and continues to remain popular, adding a zing to hard candies and gummies.  

At the same time, 90% of EMEA consumers also enjoy familiarity of traditional flavours and colours, with 79% saying they offer moments of comfort and escapism. Giving a sense of comfort, candies in neutral shades continue to be on-trend, as consumers strive to feel more relaxed and mellow. Lavender is also presenting in combination with the complementary comforting notes of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and honey, evoking feelings of relaxation and warmth. These classic and traditional flavour profiles have near endless possibilities in confectionery applications and reiterate the importance of how flavours and colours, as well as indulgence are a top priority among consumers. 

Experience, explore, discover  

Consumers are increasingly looking for more experiential and exploratory eating experiences and are more willing to prioritise immersive, multi-sensorial offerings with unique flavours and colours. In fact, 70% of consumers in EMEA deem themselves as adventurous and like food and drink products with new and unusual flavours. At the same time, 65% of EMEA consumers like experimental colours and feel they make food and beverage products more appealing, as well as fun and exclusive. 

The confectionery category is particularly ripe with opportunity for inventive flavour profiles and vibrant colours

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