Starch-free depositor for gummy market

Baker Perkins has extended its range of production equipment for the medicated gummy and jelly market with the addition of a new, starch-free depositor with additional process capability.

The ServoForm Mini+ meets increasing demand for high-viscosity recipes and centre-filled gummies, particularly liquid centre fills, by including a mould lift feature. It is an extension of the range of 50kg/hour ServoForm Mini depositors, of which more than 150 have been sold so far.

The mould lift synchronises raising and lowering the moulds with the depositing cycle. The result is high-accuracy positioning and a clean separation, without tailing, of the thin strand of viscous syrup between one deposit and the next. This is vital for centre-filling in order to keep the filling and casing separate.

The company also worked with Rousselot on the development of gummy caps for their SiMoGel fast-setting gelatin product. Gummy caps is a new delivery format for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products that combine a chewy casing with a liquid centre-filling.

The filling is prepared and deposited at an ambient temperature to avoid heat degradation of high-value active ingredients. To maximise the benefit it is important that the filling and casing steams don’t mix during the depositing process; a main reason behind the introduction of the ServoForm Mini+.

The development of the machinery follows on from the recent introduction of the ServoForm Flexi starch-free depositor with outputs of 250,000 pieces an hour. The ServoForm Flexi solves problems associated with conventional starch moulding including the mogul, for the health, functional and nutraceutical sectors: high costs, poor hygiene and the impossibility of validation.

The Flexi meets needs of manufacturers who are looking for the hygiene and simplicity of starch-free depositing but with longer setting times and versatility of moguls. Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends like the gelling agent can all be handled.

Two versions of the Flexi are now available; a single depositing head has outputs of up to 125,000 pieces an hour, while a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000 pieces an hour. It can produce conventional and functional confectionery, with hygiene, accuracy, economy and efficiency compared with traditional methods including the starch mogul make starch-free depositing.

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