Sophie’s BioNutrients releases microalgae-based ice cream

Sophie’s BioNutrients together with Danish Technological Institute (DTI), a green solutions facilitator in Denmark, collaborated to produce chlorella-based ice cream, made from Sophie’s BioNutrients’ dairy-free Chlorella Protein Concentrate. Vegan, dairy-free options for ice cream are on the rise in response to growing consumer demands for plant-based alternatives.

The ice cream contains a complete nutritional profile in combination with other functional ingredients to mimic natural ice cream texture which can be made into several ice cream flavours with add-on toppings.

The team at Sophie’s BioNutrients collaborated with the team of technical experts at DTI who performed an initial screening of the ingredients potential and application test to create the vegan-friendly ice cream. Chlorella provides a good source of iron and is sustainably harvested, without the need for cows and a lower carbon footprint, according to the company.

“Microalgae is one of the most nutrient-rich and versatile resources on the planet. Today we have shown another facet of the unlimited possibilities this superfood can offer – a dairy and lactose-free alternative to ice cream that, thanks to microalgae, offers a higher nutrition content than most available dairy-free alternatives. We are incredibly excited for this development in allergen-free foods and the prospect of more inclusive dining,” said Eugene Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Sophie’s BioNutrients.

“Microalgae is definitely part of the future. It is a sustainable ingredient with a lot of potential in multiple food applications. At DTI, we are increasingly experiencing interest in microalgae and are eager to help grow, understand and explore it’s potential,” added Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen, Director of Food Technology at DTI.

According to market research done by Research and Markets, the global vegan ice cream market was valued at US$592 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $833 million by 2027.

Sophie’s BioNutrients produced an unadulterated microalgae flour cultivated from Chlorella vulgaris and harvested within three days in a protected environment. The microalgae strains are US GRAS and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved for use as food ingredients or supplements.

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