Sleep gummy on Arizona market

OGeez! Brands, an Arizona-based edibles company has released a gummy to help with sleepless nights. The gummy, which contains 10 milligrams of THC and 5 of cannabinol – or CBN for short – launched on 21 September and is available in dispensaries throughout Arizona. It debuted in an Aquaberry flavour, a blend of tangy passionfruit and fresh blueberry and is being sold in blue bags of 10 units.

“So many people either pop pills or stare at the TV until 3 a.m. because they can’t relax and fall asleep,” said Bran Noonan, CEO of OGeez!. “We’re excited to be launching a CBN gummy to help with sleeplessness, restlessness and relaxation. A quality night of sleep and the ability to relax are so crucial to leading a productive and happy life.”

The gummy is being released into a market with strong CBN momentum, as sales for CBN edibles in Arizona hit US$5.58 million in July 2022, and is projected to triple 2021 sales of CBN by the end of 2022.

According to news reports, the market for prescription and over-the-counter sleep medications was around US$2.1 billion in 2020. CBN is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBN is THC exposed to heat and light, initial studies have demonstrated it to be a sleep aid and an anti-inflammatory.

The addition of the CBN gummy to OGeez’s portfolio follows on from the company’s signature fruit and cream gummies. In October 2021, the company released its RSO gummy, a 3 milligram gummy in May 2022 and a limited edition Pina Colada gummy in June 2022.

Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO gummy, named in honour of OGeez’s late founder Peggy Noonan, has become the company’s best-selling product. Noonan was quoted as saying OGeez is “beyond excited” to debut the company’s CBN gummy and “see what it can do,” adding that its “standout flavor and competitive price” would distinguish it in a crowded market.

“The dosing is always on point and I’ve never tasted a better gummy,” said Sierra Mills, Manager at The Flower Shop Arizona, of OGeez! products.

OGeez! is collaborating with dispensaries on a promotional sleep box which will include a bag of the new gummies along with other sleep-related items.

“Bringing a CBN product into the mix marks another major expansion of OGeez’s offerings,” concluded Noonan. “We’ve always had the flavor. Now we have married that with a serious collection of products that appeal to the different needs of the market.”

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