Silver sponsorship with CEPI Spa

We are pleased to announce that CEPI Spa will again be sponsoring the latest edition of Confectionery Live, the must-attend virtual confectionery event which will be taking place on 20-21 June.

Creating bulk-handling systems for the food industry since 1985, CEPI designs, manufactures and commissions turn-key systems for the storage, conveying and dosing of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes. In the last 35 years, they have built more than 10,000 installations the world over, working with some of the most important companies in the food industry. CEPI’s mission goes beyond assembling food machinery; they build turn-key installations that manage the production line from storage to dosing, all the while developing specialised solutions to match diverse and ever-changing needs across the planet.

As a Silver Sponsor of Confectionery Live, Stefania Montalti, Communications Manager and Sustainability Strategy Coordinator at CEPI will be delivering an informative session drawing on over a decade of experience at the business which includes promoting key sustainability concepts such as circularity.

In her session ‘Circularity and bulk handling’, Stefania will offer an overview of how the circularity of a product is measured according to the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, delving into the link between circularity and bulk-handling processes and showcasing CEPI’s long-term, organic approach. Do you know how strategic bulk-handling processes are for a food manufacturer? The right design method will achieve durable systems that are easily revamped, meeting both economic and environmental concerns.

“CEPI is excited to announce that once again we will be sponsoring Confectionery Live, an online platform for operators in the international community promoted by International Confectionery Magazine,” said Stefania.

“We are delighted to be partnering with CEPI for Confectionery Live again,” said Jon Pittock, Publisher, Hand Media. “We look forward to seeing the expertise and know-how they will share with our audience, aligning with our core theme of sustainability.”

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