Shemesh Automation confident that packaging market can adapt

Focusing on a sustainable future, Shemesh Automation says that tackling climate change will impact the packaging industry “to a high degree” in the next 12 months, according to Capital Equipment Expert and Director, Mike Lynch. He also says he is confident that there is the expertise and flexible packaging solutions within the sector to help companies tackle the issues which are likely to dominate over the next year: supply chain disruption, sustainability, food safety, speed to market and energy costs.

“Sustainability will again be at the forefront of people’s minds. Everyone in the entire packaging supply chain will be challenged to provide ecologically friendlier solutions and food safety and speed to market will also feature highly. Today’s consumers are calling the shots. They are well informed and have access to data that influences their spending decisions,” explained Mike Lynch.

The company has said it sees innovations in the pipeline for ensuring packaging machinery can adapt quickly and well to diverse sustainable packaging materials that are now available, with recyclable, refillable, biodegradable and compostable materials among them. Growth in the e-commerce sector is expected to continue to stimulate the packaging market, which will lead to increased demand for automation and increasing reliance on using robotics in packaging lines.

Shemesh has said it has been an “early mover” as it looks to utilise robotics to make its machines faster, more efficient and adaptable. The company’s Attilus capping machine, for instance, can be incorporated in a single line solution of automated equipment that can multi-task all aspects of food packaging. A robotic sorter and advanced vision system can enable the Attilus to sort and orientate caps from screw tops to trigger and pump caps.

Food safety is paramount and packaging solutions suppliers will need to respond with machinery that combines minimisation of waste and product breakage, with customer convenience at low costs.

“Like Shemesh they will need to be connected to the market via skilled teams of R&D engineers who can design and build innovative and highly effective packaging systems. We look at technologies every day to find the biggest benefits in efficiency, energy consumption and overall costs,” Mike added.

The biggest challenges for businesses looking to modernise their factory processes to handle these changes will be integrating automation that is flexible and can adapt to multiple platforms quickly and cost effectively.

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