Sweet delivery

Searches for ‘sweet delivery’ up 1550%

Searches for ‘sweet delivery’ up 1550% as lockdown leads to surge in demand for sweets. Semetrical conducted research into sweet trends

London-based digital marketing agency Semetrical have conducted research into consumer trends in the UK during lockdown.  As weeks of living under lockdown have left many turning to sweet treats for comfort, what are the emerging trends?

Sweet Delivery

Research reveals a large increase in sweet delivery related searches, with ‘sweet delivery’ up 1550% and ‘pick and mix delivery’ up 1650%.

Other related searches experiencing a surge in demand include:

Search Term% increase in searches
sweets delivered1650%
sweet delivery1550%
letterbox sweets950%
sweets in the post950%
sweets delivery uk250%
retro sweets uk100%
pick and mix delivery1650%
pick and mix online650%

Popular Sweets

Semetrical can reveal that jelly beans are the UK’s most popular sweet, with an average of 18,100 searches every month. Followed by parma violets, humbugs, jelly beans and jelly tots.

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