Savvy Sweets focuses on health category

Confectionery brand Savvy Sweets are stepping into the foray of guilt-free indulgence as a growing number of voracious snackers and confectionery aficionados are looking for prebiotic-friendly, 100% plant-based sweets with a light calorie footprint. Reportedly, 73% of consumers have reduced or actively sought to reduce their sugar consumption over the last 12 months.

Savvy Sweets are offering a four-strong range of tasty, classic flavoured treats that have taken a pioneering stance for optimal gut health, a low glygemic index and minimal calories; Sour Bears, Sour Cola Bears, Berry Bears and Fruit ‘n Cream Bears. The 50g bags will retail at UK£1.99 each.

The company draws on all-natural ingredients including plant-based sweeteners, stevia and erythritol plus FODMAP-friendly prebiotic plant fibre and pectin, which encourages good bacteria to thrive in one’s gut whilst also assisting sufferers of IBS.

“Our proud legacy of sweet innovation spans over 100 years in Australia. With the UK’s functional foods movement gaining real momentum, we saw an opportunity to introduce ourselves,” said a Savvy Sweets spokesperson. “Unlike some peers, who simply shuffle around unsavoury artificial sweeteners to navigate HFSS rules, we’ve always stayed true to our all-natural stance, prioritising both great taste and nutritional integrity.”

With functional sweets representing a small (£62m) yet highly energized segment of UK confectionery (58% year-on-year growth), Savvy Sweets is perfectly placed to lead the line for socially responsible confectionery.

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