Salience sheds light on confectionery sellers online potential

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As part of a series of free monthly sector reports, Salience sunk their teeth into the confectionery industry, unwrapping the market to analyse digital performance. The report takes a deep dive into key performance indicators, such as organic visibility, brand reach, and domain authority, resulting in a pick and mix of brands who hit (and missed) the sweet spot in the digital marketplace.

Visibility findings from the confectionery sector report

It’s been a fruitful year overall for the confectionery sector in terms of visibility, with large increases from online brands such as Liggys Cakes and Baker Days catching the eye. Interestingly, one of the big boys of the sector, Hotel Chocolat, has drifted from the pack, experiencing a sizable -39% decrease in visibility. As the year has seen smaller brands stake their claim, it may be time for some established players to rethink their online strategy.

The confectionery industry variance figure

An industry variance figure gives an indication of the state of play in terms of sector visibility, and how much that’s shifted over the past year. The confectionery sector has enjoyed a healthy 7% increase in visibility, indicating a growing market which is rich in interest and opportunities.

Domains are also given a ‘compared to market’ rating. This figure stacks domain visibility up against the average growth, or decline, of the industry as a whole. You are being left behind if the industry is expanding at a more rapid rate than the visibility growth of your domain, presenting opportunities for competitors to jump ahead.

Big winners of the report, such as Montezumas and Choco Co, had their cake and ate it too, with visibility and ‘compared to market’ ratings of over 200%, bursting onto the confectionery scene with full force. On the other hand, domains such as Bettys melted away, experiencing a sharp -33% visibility drop in the past year, equating to a -40% visibility score in line with the market.

Salience is a UK based search marketing agency. They specialise in SEO, paid media, and content, providing dedicated digital campaigns to companies within a variety of sectors. They are data driven and utilise their wide-ranging expertise to break down any barrier which hampers online performance. 

Read the full article in the upcoming International Confectionery May/June issue 

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