ROTZINGER expands packaging and processing

At interpack the ROTZINGER Group will be presenting its expanded packaging and processing portfolio for the first time, including the Paloma feed placer, the FLK/VRM Filling & Capping machine, the TLT blister machine in a new compact design and a bar production line will be among the highlights at the company’s booth.

“Paloma is our high-performance robot cell that offers outstanding pick and place accuracy,” said Christian Vouillamoz, Product manager at the ROTZINGER Group.

The Paloma feed placer picks and places products into cartons, cases, thermoforms, flow wrappers and cartoning machines. Using vision-guided high speed delta robots, the machine identifies incoming products on the conveyor belt and places them into the feeding of the following process.

The system can handle packed and unpacked products and its modular design allows to directly integrate an infeed chain of the packaging machine into the cell and to load it with oriented products. Paloma is well suited to food and confectionery applications and can be used in areas such as bakery or fresh products.

The company will also be unveiling a new and improved version of their TLT blister machine that can process up to 400 blisters per minute.

“This machine is a proven and reliable solution and we are excited to bring it back,” commented Andreas Graf, CEO of ROTZINGER PharmaPack.

For bar production, manufacturers can maximise their productivity levels with a single-source solution for the entire process from processing up to secondary packaging. ROTZINGER Group will showcase the WRL Flex Slitter developed by HANSELLA, which has been part of the Group since 2021.

The WRL Flex Slitter offers an adjustable cutting width which can be done with minimal effort and without changing parts. Besides higher flexibility, this decreases production costs and contributes to a faster ROI.

The smooth slitter allows for easy adjustment for precise cutting to produce different bar sizes. When processing bars for cereal, candy, protein and fruit, the WRF Flex slab former eliminates trim. less product is wasted in this system, which means decreased production costs and a faster ROI.

Lower density at the edges is solved by forming a correspondingly wider slab and compressing it to the finished width. Depending on the type of bar, trim can be reduced to an extreme minimum or completely eliminated.

ROTZINGER’s chocolate enrober provides a quick mass changing system for chocolate when coating bars. The removable and exchangeable mass trough as well as the exchangeable enrobing head and curtain device ensure mass changes in minmal time, to complete the enrobing portfolio, the company also offers chocolate melting and tempering units.

“The Rotzinger Group combines many years of experience within the group and offers a turnkey solution from the bar line process to secondary packaging with highest efficiency along the line,” explained Adrian Müller, Director Product Management/Marketing.

Visitors to the company booth will also have the opportunity to witness its digital solutions firsthand. The Digital Factory Software Suite looks to increase both efficiency and quality in processes while also ensuring continuous access to data.

Paperless production is facilitated by fully digitised Q-Checks and a management cockpit.

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