Reliable like steel: Berndorf Band Group

Reliable like steel: Berndorf Band Group

The company established itself as a global full-line supplier for steel belts, belt systems and worldwide service. One part of the broad product portfolio is belt tracking systems.

With a global reputation of being a leading full-service provider, Berndorf Band Group offers steel belts, belt systems and components for various applications in the food and bakery sector that are geared towards optimising production and conveying processes. Especially in the food and bakery industry temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, and contamination, cause strain on steel belts during daily use. This can lead to premature wear of the belt and imperfect belt tracking, eventually leading to downtime of the production. To ensure smooth production processes, Berndorf Band Group has developed a variety of belt tracking systems.  

“Customers often approach us, who have problems with belt tracking and the resulting damages and production downtime. During inspection by our experts, insufficient belt control and tension can quickly be identified as the cause of the fault. If all influence factors for optimum belt position and tension are not taken into consideration, incorrect belt control can occur over time. This in turn can lead to downtime. So, it is important to address this topic in advance. With bernmatic and berntrack, we have developed optimum solutions to increase belt tracking precision,” said Patrick Kristen MSc, Team Manager Project Management, Berndorf Band Group. 

To ensure exact and reliable belt running the installation of Berndorf´s specially engineered belt tracking systems is recommended. After subjecting the machine to a thorough inspection by one of their experts, Berndorf Band Group will assemble the most suitable system and install it within a few weeks. Their most applied system is the electric berntrack, which is used for installations that already have a tensioning system in place. The belt tracking system constantly monitors the belt and immediately corrects the belt position smoothly, if required. berntrack is both vertically and horizontally available. Additionally, Berndorf Band Group offers a complete belt tensioning and tracking system, bernmatic, which relies on horizontal adjustment of the deflection drum position. The deflection drum is automatically brought to the perfect position to keep belt tension constant and ensure straight belt tracking.

Thanks to the Berndorf belt tracking systems the whole production process operates in a continuous mode with a stable running belt avoiding any stress on the belt edges or misalignment to affect the product. This preventative measure extends the lifespan of the steel belt and guarantees additionally smooth productions in the food and bakery industry.

We at Berndorf Band Group focus a lot on technical support for our customers. Whether it is consultation by our experienced technical product managers, troubleshooting on site or service carried out by one of our skilled and experienced service technicians – our objective is always to support and satisfy our customers,” explained Thorleif Brokke, Director Sales, Berndorf Band Group.

Image credit: Berndorf Band Group
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