Reflecting on ProSweets and ISM Cologne

After attending ProSweets and ISM, the biggest trade show event in the food sector, International Confectionery Editor, Roshini Bains, reviews the success of the event.

After many months of planning, speculation and organising, the prestigious and highly respected ProSweets and ISM Cologne event has ended. The event that lasted for four days and was hosted in the 3,060,000 sq ft trade exhibition centre, Kolenmesse was jam packed with amazing exhibitors, speakers and machinery from across the globe. The team at International Confectionery were very fortunate enough to not only be the official media partners of the event, but we also had our very own booth located in the ProSweets hall. With that being said, the International Confectionery team felt that it was of high importance to reflect and review the event for those who were unable to attend and more.  

So, lets start at the very beginning. Many people do not know but this was one of my very first trade show events in the confectionery sector. As an avid writer and researcher, I have travelled to many places to network and gain greater understanding on social topics, especially around international healthcare, but attending an event of this calibre around the food industry was a completely new experience. I would be lying if I did not say I found it daunting at first, the sheer size of Kolenmesse itself can arguably be seen as intimidating. But nonetheless I was more than excited and ready to immerse myself in all things sugar and spice. The day before the event, myself and my work colleagues flew in the early hours of the morning to Cologne. From my understanding, the amount of air travel had been limited due to the pandemic meaning that there were not many flights available. In all honesty, this was a cause for concern as the team had to figure out the most effective way of travelling to the event. Nonetheless, we arrived and set up our small booth with giant banners and magazines piled high to the skies.  

The next day was the first day of the ProSweets and ISM Cologne event. Kolenmesse was basically divided into two sections, the ProSweets hall in hall 10.1 which held all the machinery heavyweights of the confectionery and bakery world, and the ISM halls which had all the chocolate manufacturers and distributors. ISM held emerging companies to major conglomerates like Guylian or Mondelez International. As I worked my way around the halls, I asked many questions regarding the event and surprisingly most people echoed the same sentiments. Many were happy to be returning to a major trade show, as such, because it beckoned the idea of a re-emerging normalcy after years of isolation and restrictions. The idea of being able to meet the public and clients and finally having the capability of socialising meant so much to so many. Staff at the Hamburg Dresdner stand were quoted as saying, “Socialising is a part of the human spirit, so this event truly reflects that.” From this, it is fair to say that we were all in very high spirits.  

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