Quick Chew flavour study

Norevo flavour study shows Quick Chew can optimize the use of flavours in chewy candies.

Optimizing production and improving product quality are key issues for every producer of chewy candies. The present study shows impressive potential. The use of starch and gelatin as hydrocolloids is widespread in the manufacture of chewy candies. Together with a reputable flavour developer Norevo conducted a joint study to find out how alternative use of Norevo Quick Chew affects the use and development of flavours.

The study evaluates the sensory impact using:

  • different hydrocolloids (Quick Chew, modified starch, gelatin)
  • different manufacturing methods (kneading, pulling)
  • different flavours (apple, lemon, milk)

Based on these different variants, we then tested the following criteria:

  1. Flavour intensity
  2. „Release“ or flavour development
  3. Chewing perception

The subsequent blind tasting was carried out by a professional panel consisting of 21 trained panelists in 4 intervals reflecting different ripening times and also storage temperatures.

The results of this joint study confirm the hypothesis initially set out in almost all areas:

By using Quick Chew as the texturizing component in the recipe, manufacturers can use flavours more efficiently, while also enhancing the chewing experience.

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