Product Spotlight: IPS

Industrial Packaging Solution (IPS) outlines its comprehensive range of aluminium solutions for a wide range of applications in confectionery packaging. 

IPS Industrial Packaging Solution is a company specialising in aluminium foil for flexible packaging. The company supplies coated, laminated, printed and embossed foil for a wide range of applications and final uses, adapting our products to buyers’ needs. Each batch is subject to accurate quality controls along the entire production process to provide a product that lives up to expectations. 

IPS Industrial Packaging Solution produces aluminium foil to be used in several markets: diary, pharmaceutical, coffee, food & beverage and other industrial applications (e.g. insulation). 

But the company offers a comprehensive range of aluminium solutions for the confectionery packaging − chocolate bars, pralines, coins and eggs. Coloured, printed, plain or embossed: we support our customers’ requirements to achieve a unique and personalised style. Our foil ensures flatness, tear resistance, deep drawing and forming properties. Yet, it can be lacquered with a heat-sealing coating for increased protection. IPS’ foil is also suitable for any packaging machine and customisable with any colour, embossing and logo. 

Why aluminium?  

This material brings enormous advantages to flexible packaging with the most efficient ratio between quantity of material and functionality. It protects food from light, humidity and environmental contaminants, thus preserving aroma and flavour. The barrier properties of aluminium foil are essential for the confectionery packaging: without adequate protection, several chocolate products which are stored for longer periods could deteriorate and lose their attractive gloss. Yet, if a part of a tablet has been eaten, with foil the rest can be resealed and enjoyed another day. 

This material has also an excellent corrosion resistance, extends the shelf-life of the product and can wrap different shapes: this feature can be very useful if you think that there is a chocolate packaging for every occasion like Christmas, Easter or Halloween. In addition, aluminium foil’s appealing metallic glitter and bright colours are essential characteristics to encourage sales and enhance the customer’s pleasure. 

What’s more, aluminium is amongst the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet: its recycling process uses only 5% of the energy required to manufacture primary aluminium from bauxite ore. Plus, the recycling process re-creates high quality aluminium which loses none of its physical properties, meaning that it can be endlessly recycled to become new products without losing its qualities. 

The importance of being part of a Group 

IPS Industrial Packaging Solution is part of Laminazione Sottile Group, specialising in aluminium transformation. The Group’s companies work in an integrated production chain and manufacture rolled aluminium products, in different alloys, dimensions and superficial treatments, including lacquering and printing, and aluminium food trays. 

The integrated production process starts from the melting of primary and recycled aluminium, then transformed into bare and lacquered rolled aluminium up to moulding of products suitable for food contact. In this way, the Group can ensure the optimisation of processes and technologies, the complete control over quality and raw material, and innovation through investments and R&D activities. 

Our group constantly works to offer sustainable and dedicated solutions! 


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