Product Spotlight: DT&G Finn

DT&G Finn unveils their ThermoDrive chocolate coating belt and Managing Director, Lyn Pitt provides her response to the companies ambitions.

Finn is a global manufacturing company with an extensive history. In 1983 Coaters and Polishers were first shipped to Australia, USA, and Canada, not just United Kingdom where the design and manufacturing workshop is still based. Finn now sell to over 40 countries, offering support and guidance while identifying new requirements for the industry. Now, recent projects have been underway in Latin America, USA, and Asia Pacific. 

With the many issues regarding allergen and bacteria transfer in recent years, we have developed the ThermoDrive belt which can chocolate coat perfectly with the smallest % coating programmed into the recipe. This gives an organic appearance and a high ratio, depending on the product recipe.  Inclusions such as cocoa powder or chopped nuts and fruits can be added to the batch or transferred to the Finn Polisher for glaze and seal finishing. 

Lyn Pitt, Managing Director of DTG Finn notes, “I love that we are such a global company, that there are so many tastes, and different products.  It is an honour for us to not only provide high standard equipment but to also use our capability to tailor-make dispensers, for chocolate application and inclusions. To be part of the exciting world of chocolate developments makes us realise that the purpose of engineering is to deliver a solution.  If we can address the challenges together, we will all make the most of opportunities and ensure sustainability.” 

DT & G Finn engineering is considered second to none, and with the development of Dashboard and Data recording and remote access, production is easier for the Finn Coater and Polisher clients and means DT & G Finn can offer greater support, even during a global pandemic.  Time is always an issue, experience can ensure that it is used to the best advantage.  When the most successful batch runs are recorded, it then makes the automated production so much easier as there is data to input for perfect repeatable production.  Throughout the world efficiency and quality is always the priority. 

The pandemic crisis has generated a need for automated Chocolate Coating and Polishing systems complete with de-humidifiers, air temperature control, conveyors, all that make installation, commissioning, training, and full production as simplified and efficient as possible.  DT&G Ltd can deliver this with the Finn machines. 

Lyn ends recalling, “At an exhibition a Client from Mexico thanked me for the machine he had bought, it had been key to him developing a successful business, providing for his family, who were now part of the company and carrying on the tradition.  The long-term security of Finn machines, some still operating for over 30 years, delivers success to our clients and ourselves.  A perfect balance. 

I hope we will have the privilege of hearing many more stories of success such as this, that the people who dedicate themselves to this industry, while it looks to sustainable and ethical production with benefits for the growers, manufacturers and always meeting customer demands, will ensure an industry that so many are proud to be part of.  The people of Mokaya enjoyed cocoa in 1900BCE, I think we will all continue to enjoy it for many years to come.” 


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