Product Spotlight: CAMA Confectionery

CAMA Confectionery discusses their range of packaging solutions available to the confectionery industry. 

Our comprehensive machine portfolio covers all possible packaging formats so you don’t need to compromise. We will have a concept, style, speed, throughput and size that perfectly matches your product and your application. 

Premium technology, cabinet-free frameworks and hygienic design principals are coupled to an easy-to-follow visual machine management system, backed by extensive immersive technology and remote access capabilities. We are ready for your packaging challenges. 

Massive variety with the greatest capabilities 

The confectionery industry uses a huge range of packaging styles, arrays and formats, so you need packaging technology that doesn’t stand still. You need a partner that can help you not only keep up with market demands, but also take the lead. 

Containers, flowpack, tablets, bars… on edge, flat, vertical… cases, cartons, boxes, trays – the combination are limitless and so are our capabilities! 

We can help you design eye-catching packaging concepts, and then design, build and deliver the technology that will create these concepts… accurately, repeatedly and at speed. 

A new turnkey project with 6 robotics stations to handle 200 fragile chocolate oranges per minute, all the way up to “shelf-ready” presentation.  

Request our free Confectionery industry brochure to learn all our possible packaging solutions: 

About Cama 

Since 1981, CAMA is an international company whose core business is the engineering and the production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems for major multinational groups both in the food and non-food markets. 

Its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), represent CAMA capability to propose complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as flow-wraps, bags, trays…up to the supply of final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletising. 

The group annually invests 5% of the turnover in R&D to offer its customers innovative solutions. The CAMA GROUP staff (200 people), is composed of a selected group of experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians all committed to the company philosophy of “total quality process system”.

The CAMA GROUP works in close partnerships with a network of qualified suppliers, identified as C.S.P (Cama Selected Partners), whose quality and performances are constantly monitored and controlled in application of the company’s robust and demanding quality control procedures.

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