Playin Choc joins forces with Tisomi for sustainable packaging

Playin Choc have taken the decision to enter a partnership with Tisomi Packaging Machinery to utilise their flow wrapper in relation to packaging their organic and vegan chocolates.

In 2017, Maya Simler – the CEO of Playin Choc – founded the company in London, putting the decision down to her love for chocolate and her desire to conjure up a dairy free recipe that kids across the nation would love, including Max, who is her youngest son.

Simler subsequently came up with the idea to flog her confectionery with a host of environmentally friendly self-assembler toys, all of which are based around animals deemed endangered.

Every toy is targeted at children aimed at three and over, and is made from 100% recycled cardboard, while it is also printed with vegetable inks.

Simpler also desired to have sustainable packaging in place for her confectionery, which would use biodegradable materials.

Due to this, Simler sought a partnership with Tisomi as they can package the chocolates by using a compostable film on their flow wrapper machines.

According to Simler, the key obstacles for picking a packaging manufacturer come down to things like the temperature of the machine – as for example, if it’s too hot, the compostable material could melt – and the size of the packaging.

If it is too thick, it won’t slot into the machine correctly, or alternatively, the chocolate may melt inside the flow wrapper.

Following many months of testing and research, the company opted to purchase their own flow wrap machine, and then have it customised in order to take compostable film made out of wood pulp and cellulose.

In addition, it had to also be Soil Association approved, due to the fact Playin Choc products are organic.

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