Peanut Chew’s 100th anniversary packaging to remain on the shelves until 2018

Just Born Quality Confections are committed to expanding Peanut Chew’s footprint in the US retail sector in the aftermath of celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary.

Recently, the Peeps maker redesigned all of the packaging for Peanut Chews – impacting both regualar and king size versions – and now, the company have said that the new packaging will stay on the shelves until mid 2018.

As well as this, Peanut Chews have collaborated with the American football team from their hometown, the Philadelphia Eagles, in order to further boost the visibility of their brand.

However, when prompted, Just Born refused to immediately respond to questions regarding whether Peanut Chew will follow in the footsteps of Nestlé, Hershey and Ferrero by taking the relevant steps required in order to offer healthier options, by reducing sugar and calorie counts in the future.

For example, Hershey is making huge strides in order to make 50% of their total offering of both individually wrapped standard and king-size confectionery products to be 200 calories or less in the next five years.

In contrast, Peanut Chews contains 20 grams of sugar and 230 calories for a four-piece serving size, with the larger version being made up of eight chocolate peanut pieces.

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