Paul A Young launches Monet inspired easter collection for 2019


Blurring the lines between art and chocolate, the UK’s greatest chocolatier Paul A Young has designed an Easter collection that reflects the Spring season. Allowing consumers to eat with their eyes too, Paul has been inspired by the impressionist artist Monet to create a collection with a decorative palette of layered spring colours and shimmers – picture dappled light and hand-painted impasto decoration.

Highlights of the Collection include:

Easter Eggs

This year, Paul’s Limited Edition Easter Egg will be made from Guittard Chocolate’s 65% Single Origin Peruvian couverture. Paul has taken special care to hand apply each limited edition egg himself with luxurious gold, silver and bronze. The egg will also be accompanied by a bespoke nine piece box of limited edition 65% Peruvian caramel truffles. 20 of these eggs will be available via each of Paul’s three chocolateries (£75)

This year, Paul’s delectable Guittard Chocolate 72% Dark, 38% Milk & White Chocolate Easter Eggs will each be hand painted by Paul’s team of incredible chocolatiers. Shimmering touches of green, pink and blue edible metallic decoration will cover the egg, hiding the secret treat inside – a clutch of hidden half chocolate dark, milk or white chocolate chicks that are each speckled with colourful sprinkles. Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes (£14.50, £24.95, £39.50), with Extra Large eggs available on request.

Back by popular demand is Paul’s iconic Salted Caramel Hen’s Egg. Known as the best ever “Soft Boiled Egg” experience – the “yolk” is Paul’s multi award winning Sea Salted Caramel. This year, this much-loved Easter product will be hand painted in the same style as Paul’s wider Easter collection (£19.95).

The sprinkle encased medium Half Egg uses Guittard 72% chocolate and is filled with 6 of Paul’s famous Salted Caramels and adorned with bright hundreds and thousands (£25.00).

The sprinkle topped Small Half Egg is the perfect tea time treat for chocolate lovers – tuck into the chocolate shell and save its two chocolate chick inhabitants for later that afternoon! (£7.00)

Easter Specials

Paul’s Milk and Dark Chocolate Bunnies are made from Guittard 38% milk chocolate or Guittard 72% Onyx dark chocolate. This year the bunnies are decorated yellow (milk bunny) and green (dark chocolate bunny) and come with chocolate pearls. All finished off with jaunty ribbon! (£14.95)

Caramel lovers can choose tuck into a Billi Bunny, filled with a vanilla caramel (£13.00).

Or alternatively, pick up a box of Paul’s caramelised solid Chocolate Chicks (6 for £12.95) or the Gulls’ & Quails’ Eggs box to tuck into the Sea Salted Caramel and Praline crunchy coated speckled eggs (£13.95).

Truffle Collection

Paul’s Spring Chocolate Collection is a celebration of food that brings a smile to anybody’s face. Take comfort in loyal favourites such as 12yr old El Dorado Rum & Raisin, Lemon Tart and Hot Cross Bun truffles, or delight in the unusual with Goats Cheese, Cornish Smoked Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Yuzu, Soy and Wasabi or Burnt Butter Sourdough Caramel. Other new chocolates in the collection include FireTree Triple Dark Chocolate, Oat Milk Latte, Apricot, Toasted Pine Nut and Amaretti, Orange and Rosemary Mascarpone Cheesecake, Ginger Beer and Cornish Sea Salted Toasted Almond. Full descriptions available on request and prices can be found in the end notes.

Paul has also created an Easter Egg Hunt Kit for all the family to enjoy. This contains a hollow chocolate Billi Bunny, 1 Small Easter Egg, 1 Hen’s Egg, 3 Caramelised Chocolate Chicks, 2 of each Gulls’ and Quails’ eggs. (£35.00).

The 2019 Easter Collection is available to buy from Paul’s three London chocolateries as well as by post, telephone order, with a limited selection available online.

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