Paradise Fruits to debut crunchy range at ProSweets

Paradise Fruits by Jahncke, the natural ingredients supplier behind four of Europe’s most innovative fruit and vegetable processing businesses, will debut its new range of freeze dried Crunchy granulates at ProSweets 2020.

Developed by Paradise Fruits’ Freeze Dried division, Crunchy granulates are manufactured through a specially adapted freeze-drying process that allows customers the option of a one component recipe made of 100% fruit, or a combination with yoghurt or additional carriers.

The granulates are available in bespoke shapes and cut into sizes, ranging from 1mm to 10mm, making them ideal for use in chocolate, confectionery and baked goods, as well as other applications.

Flavour combinations in the Paradise Fruits Crunchy range include Strawberry & Basil, Raspberry & Thyme, Mango & Rosemary, Orange & Chilli, Mango & Matcha Tea and Strawberry & Tomato. Exotic blends with Apricot, Mango, Banana and Passionfruit and non-fruit flavours including Cappuccino and Salted Caramel are also available. Bespoke recipes can also be developed to suit customer requirements.

Kurt Jahncke CEO of Paradise Fruits, comments: “Our Crunchy range is developed from 100% freeze dried fruits, which can be combined with vegetables, herbs and spices. They are the natural choice for manufacturers looking for a lightweight, nutritious and delicious ingredient to add flavour, colour and texture. The 100% pure fruit recipe retains many of the natural flavour and colour characteristics offered by fresh fruit, but in a format more suitable for snack and confectionery applications.”

Taking place in Cologne, Germany, from 2nd – 5th February, ProSweets is the international trade fair which covers the entire supply chain of the confectionery and savoury snacks industry, from ingredients to packaging. The exhibition runs in conjunction with ISM, the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snack manufacturers.

Together the events, which are both attended by suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and retailers, showcase the entire value chain of the confectionery and snacks industry Paradise Fruits by Jahncke will be exhibiting in Hall 10.1, on stands D028 and E029.

During the event, Paradise Fruits Solutions will also showcase its new high fibre recipe, which provides less than 40% sugar (naturally occurring) than standard fruit ingredients and almost 40g of fibre per 100g. The recipe is available as fruit granulates, pastes, drops and shapes and is ideal for manufacturers looking to create products that respond to an increasing demand for functional high fibre snacks.

Kurt Jahncke adds: “Fruits and vegetables that contain micronutrients such as fibre and protein are very appealing as they are perceived as having a ‘health halo’. Retailers are therefore stocking products containing high fibre inclusions, as consumers look for confectionery and snacks that not only offer a treat but also contain natural and functional ingredients with nutritional benefits.”

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