OTC Candy is a leading player in the active candy process industry

OTC Candy designs and develops creative and effective solutions for the production of active candy by supplying custom-made production equipment and providing support throughout the whole process.

OTC Candy is a Dutch based process equipment supplier that focuses on the supplements, vitamins, CBD and OTC (over-the-counter) market. We design and supply plants for the production of active candy, like vitamins, CBD or even pain relievers candies. We gain a huge advantage when it comes to accurately measuring active ingredients in candy as well as masking odours and flavours, through our expertise in the international candy market we provide support for our customers from raw ingredients all the way to the end product with our advanced candy processing lines. This enables us to cater to your requirements and establish customised processes, making it possible to produce top-quality candy with the right dose of active ingredients in an hygienic and cleanable process. 

OTC Candy is founded by the Tanis family to specifically target the active candy market. The Tanis family is a family with a sweet tooth where the third generation were destined to follow their grandfather and father’s footsteps. They were raised and educated in the confectionery market and saw a gap in the active market as they thought that the active candy market demands a different approach than the conventional candy market. Therefore Leo and his three sons, Martijn, Victor and Wouter founded OTC Candy in 2018. More specialised on the requirements of this market but with the same energy, expertise and experience from the confectionery and vitamin market. They opt to supply complete hygienic and easy cleanable systems with a focus on product consistency and accurate dosing of your active ingredients. Making use of a highly specialised team with all round in-depth confectionery know-how and a generations wide experience in confectionery and functional ingredients, they are motivated to stay ahead and become the recognised first choice equipment suppliers of active candy brands all over the world. OTC Candy has introduced starch-free moulding which provided some excellent benefits for confectionery production in regards to cleanability and reduction of floor space. This process eradicates the need for powdered starch and deposits using plastic rather than a moulding starch tray. 

In our OTC Candy Innovation Centre we can assist you in developing new product ideas, test recipes in our benchtop lab and show you a real time proof of concept in our pilot plant. Our team of experts and food-technologist is able to guide you through the production process while also showing you in which flavours, compositions and shapes we can design your active candy. 


Image credit: OTC Candy
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