NOMO continues ‘Flexi-Feb’

According to new research conducted by vegan and free from chocolate brand NOMO, 89% of the nation do not follow a ‘flexitarian diet’, despite its health and environmental benefits. The flexi-diet can be defined by as endorsing plant-based foods whilst enjoying some meat and dairy in moderation.

The new study actually found that 87% don’t bother to diversify their diet at all by trying new foods, with 30% eating the same meals every week – and high protein foods rarely featuring in shopping baskets (24%).

Just 11% want a flexible diet to be more sustainable – despite cutting meat and dairy intake being one of the biggest steps towards reducing an individual’s environmental impact.

The company’s latest research found that  some of this reluctance could be down to not wanting to forgo favourite foods (16%), worrying about getting enough protein (11%) and even being judged by friends and family (6%).

Flexi-Feb, started by NOMO three years ago, is a month that encourages British consumers to recognise the benefits of reducing meat and dairy intake by trying vegan substitutes from the free-from aisle – or adding plant-based foods like lentils, chickpeas, and kidney beans to their meals.

“Flexi-Feb is all about encouraging people to cut down on meat and dairy intakes during February by adopting vegan substitutes from the free-from aisles. Our latest research suggests eight in 10 have never tried a vegan substitute despite it being a brilliant way to unlock a new lifestyle that reduces reliance on animal products – and all the associated benefits that come with that. Plant-based food like beans and pulses are another superb substitute for meat which people can try over the month,” said Emma Perrett, Marketing Controller for NOMO.

“It’s simply not the case that cutting dairy means sacrificing favourite foods – NOMO chocolate comes in all the flavours and formats of its mainstream counterparts. The range has won multiple awards for taste and product quality with judges finding that it tastes the same or better than normal chocolate. What’s more, it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of allergies or dietary choices – no one needs to miss out on great tasting treats,” she added.

Flexi-Feb has also received an endorsement from England Rugby World Cup winner, Ben Cohen, who has said the month could have a huge impact for those who give it a go – suggesting the diet could inspire England success at the Six Nations.

Cohe said veganism saved his life in 2017 after he contracted glandular fever and pericarditis – the swelling of the sac surrounding the heart – which he almost died from and left him bed bound for two months.

In a bid to rebuild his diet he turned to veganism which he credits with giving him greater energy and muscle mass.

Not wanting to cut out meat and dairy totally, he is now a ‘flexitarian’ and is calling on the England Rugby team to give the diet a go – with current England international Ellis Genge already introducing a flexitarian approach to his diet.

“Six years ago I almost died following severe pericarditis, glandular fever and sepsis. I credit turning to a plant-based diet in getting me back to full health. Back then the number of vegan alternatives were limited which made sustaining this diet trickier, but now the range of vegan substitutes in the free-from aisles at supermarkets is huge,” said Ben Cohen.

“More recently I had a small stomach ulcer that popped during filming for the Full Monty, which was extremely painful, and I’ve had to adapt my diet again to a sensitive stomach – so not eating too much meat and not eating dairy. It’s so much easier to achieve this nowadays – eating plant-based no longer means sacrificing things like great tasting chocolate, which I’ve got a weakness for. There’s a better understanding that plants are a fantastic source of protein and fibre, which can be used instead of meat once or twice a week for those wanting to cut down for environmental, health or animal wellbeing reasons.”

According to the NOMO research, 29% say they’d struggle to maintain a fully vegan diet – whereas 21% say it is easy to reduce animal products as part of a flexi-approach.

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