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Smart Robotics, producer of warehouse automation and robotics, has announced new versions of its Smart Palletizer cobot. The new versions ensure there are more versatile pick and place solutions available to help establish automated warehouses and optimise quality of work for warehouse employees.

“Since the Smart Palletizer can take over physically demanding, repetitive tasks, we’re pleased to introduce our new product line to the market to be able to serve a larger audience in our mission to lessen the pressure on warehouse employees’ risk to their overall health,” explained Johan Jardevall, CEO at Smart Robotics.

The Smart Palletizer line is now available in three different versions: The Essential Version, The Advanced Version and The Premium Version.

The Essential Version is a system capable of handling a large variety of products and handle multiple different stacking patterns, adjusting as needed. The Advanced Version is able to stack a large variety of boxes in terms of size. It can also stack boxes to a greater height and integrate directly into the warehouse management system if needed. Finally, The Premium Version, stacks packaged confectionery items and pharmaceutical products.

By having different versions to choose from, customers are able to select the smart palletizer that best matches their needs. Smart Robotics’ current customers – ranging from snacks and confectionery producers to suppliers of pharmaceutical products – are putting new versions to use.

Each version of the Smart Palletizer is safe to interact with and user friendly. As an end-of-line cobot it caters to smart warehouse optimisation by merging automation with existing warehouse infrastructure.

All three versions come with the option of an all-inclusive service and maintenance contract from a service team to ensure smooth operation throughout the lifetime of the system. Each version is easy to integrate in the warehouse without disrupting warehouse operations and optimising essential tasks.

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