New product launch between Tony’s and Ben & Jerry’s

Tony’s Chocolonely, working in collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s, are celebrating their Chocolate Love A-Fair with two new chocolate bar flavours and one new ice cream pint. The product launch celebrates Ben & Jerry’s commitment to Tony’s Open Chain initiative, announced last year.

The two new chocolate bars are inspired by two of Ben & Jerry’s flavours, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake, while the new ice cream pint is inspired by Tony’s milk chocolate caramel sea salt chocolate bar.

The Chocolate Love A-Fair between both impact companies offers sweet treats to consumers – and sweet deals for cocoa farmers. The collaboration between both began last summer, when Ben & Jerry’s joined Tony’s mission towards ending modern slavery and child labour still present in the chocolate industry by committing to sourcing its cocoa through Tony’s Open Chain.

By sourcing it through the Open Chain, companies are committing to ensuring a fully traceable cocoa supply chain and paying a higher price to address poverty, a major issue for cocoa farmers. On top of paying a Fairtrade Premium and Living Income Reference Price for the cocoa that goes into their products, Ben & Jerry’s will pay a fee to further support partner co-operatives.

As a Mission Ally, the company has also begun converting to using fully traceable cocoa beans. Using a traceable supply chain means not only will Ben & Jerry’s know which farmers produced the beans that go into their ice cream, but under which circumstances the beans were grown. This, Tony’s says, empowers companies to “take responsibility for the social and environmental conditions in which their cocoa is grown”.

Other Mission Allies include major retailer ALDI, for their Choco Changer bars, Jokolade, Albert Heijn and Barry Callebaut, all committed to Tony’s five sourcing principles: using only traceable cocoa beans, paying a higher price, investing in farmers, nurturing long-term relationships and staying committing to quality and productivity.

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