NCA releases State of Treating Report 2024

Confectionery sales hit US$48 billion in 2023, a number largely driven by inflation, according to the 2024 State of Treating report published recently by the National Confectioners Association (NCA). The report projects that US confectionery sales will reach $61 billion by 2028.

Shopper insights were collected using an online survey conducted in December 2023 using a sample of 1556 consumers between the ages of 18 and 75.

“Our new research shows that, even when faced with unpredictable environmental shifts and changes, consumers feel a strong connection to chocolate and candy – and they embrace classic favorites and innovative novelties with an emotional drive that keeps the category fresh and vibrant,” said John Downs, President and CEO of the NCA. “Consumers seek out chocolate and candy to help enhance holiday seasons, family celebrations, and those important ‘treat yourself’ moments.”

The report offers key insights into taking the confectionery category to the next level for both manufacturers and retailers.

Key takeaways include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and the winter holiday seasons accounting for 64% of total confectionery sales; consumers understand the role of treating in a balanced lifestyle as 86% say they believe it is fine to treat and 80% say they believe physical health and emotional wellbeing are interconnected; 90% of people mention chocolate when asked what they buy when they want to do something nice for themselves.

Other findings from the report show that the top three purchase factors price, brand and mood; sales promotions took on a key role as fewer consumers perceive chocolate and candy to be affordable as it has been perceived traditionally and BOGOs have become consumers’ preferred discount type.

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