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Meurens Natural values sustainable innovation as a core value. Meurens Natural has been a pioneer in the organic sector and has been focused on producing clean label organic and natural cereal extracts for more than 30 years. Our unique and innovative production process, which is 100% in line with the organic philosophy, includes five essential steps: milling, hydrolysis, mechanical filtration (our filtration step is carried out completely mechanically, without the use of conventional methods, technical and chemical agents, and without demineralisation), evaporation, and packaging. This allows us to offer our customers ingredients that are all natural and organic. As the European specialist in cereal hydrolysis, Meurens Natural is able to hydrolyse a wide variety of cereals using flour and not only starch as in the conventional glucose industry. The hydrolysis of flour as part of a production process that is clean, simple and environmentally- friendly, provides the following advantages: no use of chemical additives as does the conventional industries (such as H2SO4 – sulphuric acid, NaOH – sodium hydroxide, Na2CO3 – sodium carbonate, SO2- Sulphur dioxide), no conventional processing methods such as the use of ion exchange resins for demineralising (refining) sweetened juices or fruit juices, a complete traceability from the raw material up to the syrup, and all characteristics of the processed cereal are preserved to the maximum, taste, colour and minerals. This allows for short, clear, and clean labelling. Using a wide variety of sugar structures, dextrose equivalents (DE), sweetness, viscosities, colours, flavours, and raw materials, the Sipal ® (organic) and Natu® (conventional) ranges are able to achieve a multitude of objectives for all preparations in the food processing sectors. 

Our latest innovations include organic and conventional rice and oat proteins which can be used in a variety of applications. SipaPro-Oat and NatuPro-Oat are innovative unique plant-based protein concentrates coming from organic or natural non-GMO oats. They contain a minimum of 56% of proteins, an average of 26% of carbohydrates of which 15% are fibres and around 8% of lipids of which 7% are unsaturated fatty acids. These products are suitable for vegans and provide a nutritious protein boost to your plant-based food preparations. In your ingredient list, you can simply declare it as oat protein concentrate. 

Aside from the examples mentioned, we also have organic and natural extracts in our portfolio coming from corn, barley malt, wheat, spelt, dates, buckwheat and tapioca. We also have a wide range of tailor-made ingredients in our portfolio, especially designed to meet different customer needs. 

Sustainability is a core value at Meurens Natural. We continuously invest in solutions that make us a more sustainable company. Aside from our focus on increasing overall biodiversity by using raw materials coming from organic farming, we installed solar panels and a biogas reactor to reduce our energy consumption. We also built a water purification station to reduce our water footprint! Also in the future, we will continue to invest into the environment.

For more information, please visit www.meurensnatural.com or contact us at contact@meurensnatural.com 

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