Lycored colours given new user-friendly names


As part of its new re-branding strategy, Lycored has re-named its colours for food and beverages to emphasise simplicity and user-friendliness.

Communicating the qualities of their colours and their benefits to customers rather than their origins, the new names are designed to be memorable and constructed from two words that are either alliterative or rhyme.

The company offers a rich portfolio of super-stable food and beverage colourants sourced naturally from carotenoids. It’s lycopene-based range of reds, derived from tomatoes and previously called Tomat-O-Red, will now be grouped into four new colour families.

Each name communicates shade as well as product performance benefits:

SteadfastScarlet: A red with an orange direction (‘Steadfast’ meaning resolutely fixed in place and unwavering).

ResilientRed: A ‘redder’ red (‘Resilient’ meaning not easily damaged).

ResoluteRuby: A darker red (‘Resolute’ implying firmly resolved or set in purpose).

ConstantCrimson: A dark red with a blue/purple direction (‘Constant’ referring to colour that doesn’t change).

There are also three new colour families for Lycored’s range of yellows and oranges, sourced from natural BetaCarotene and previously called Lyc-O-Beta.

OrangeOvation: Orange like the citrus fruit (‘Ovation’ referring to celebration or applause for a great performer).

GoldHold: Gold associated with the precious metal (‘Hold’ affirms a robust capability to stay firm).

StellarYellow: Communicating the star-like quality of yellow, as well as a stellar performance.

Christiane Lippert, Head of Marketing, Food, at Lycored, said: “We’re excited to be giving our products names that are creative and memorable as well as simple and intuitive.

Our starting point was a principle of ‘customer-in’ rather than ‘organisation-out’, so we’ve chosen options that reflect the way companies use our products based on colour shade, functionality, and the value they get from them. These new names powerfully communicate the functional benefits and premium quality offered by our rich portfolio of solutions for foods and beverages.”

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