Lareka’s work tables for the BTB25 and NP60

Chocolate makers often experience the inconvenience of insufficient space for the in-feed and out-feed of chocolate bars and tablets within a small production area. However, it seems to be harder than expected to find a suitable work table, as is shown by the recurring demand for a sturdy, height-adjustable, food-safe work table. Lareka has been able to meet this demand. It’s now possible to order work tables for the BTB25 and NP60 that ease the in-feed and out-feed of chocolate bars and tablets by creating extra working space.

These deluxe work tables are made entirely of stainless steel. The worktop is reinforced with two bridges, which gives it a load-bearing capacity of 200kg. In addition, the worktop of the tables has folded edges that are welded and polished.

A stainless-steel work table without sharp edges is of course very easy to clean, requiring no more than a damp cloth and some warm water. Ergonomic working has also been taken into account, as the legs of the table are adjustable in height. The shelf below the work table offers space for extra storage, which is very welcome if space is in short supply. These suitable work tables provide packaging staff with the extra working space they need to facilitate the infeed and outfeed of chocolate bars and tablets, and boost efficiency.


Lareka began from the technical department of a multinational cigar manufacturer, starting in 1980 as OEM of packaging machines for cigars and cigarettes. In 2005, the company became independent. The knowledge and international experience the company has gained over the last 40 years make Lareka able to do it all: development, manufacture and overhaul of packaging machines.


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