Lareka take care of confectionery and optimise packaging

Lareka take care of confectionery and optimise packaging

Lareka has a close and enthusiastic team which consists of young and ambitious people in combination with some very experienced engineers. Together they take care of your packaging.

Lareka Confectionery equipment is based in the Brainport region. Lareka optimises the packaging processes of chocolate bars, napolitans, hollow figures and twist wrapping. Besides the building of the ‘Lareka machines’, 50% of their business is based on modernisation and the rebuilding of second hand machines. Lareka does not trade them, rather customers come with ideas about what they want to produce and make that possible.  


With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and overhaul of industrial packaging machinery, we have the expertise to streamline any high volume chocolate packaging process. In our drawing archive we have on drawing all cams of SIG CL, CK, DST/DSN but also of the Sapal machines.  

​We overhaul industrial packaging machines according to your packaging requirements. Whether you want us to increase the speed of a machine, adjust it to your product dimensions, make it conform with hygiene and safety regulations or shorten changeover times. 

​High speed, Efficient and consistent. New and refurbished machines. We help you seduce consumers with innovative, premium packaging. We use our years of experience and skills to your advantage: both for premium high volumes and for artisan makers. 


Company Details 

Lareka Confectionery Equipment 

John F. Kennedylaan 1 

5555 XC Valkenswaard 

The Netherlands 

Tel: +31402086666 

23 people are employed. 

CEO: Henk Somers 



Image credit: Lareka
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