Kezzler milestone as six billion products to carry serialization codes in 2019


From Mondelez’s Toblerone to Cadbury’s Milk Tray, Kezzler is celebrating a milestone as 6 billion products will carry its serialization codes in 2019.

The company says its digital codes have recorded over half a million consumer interactions with their platform during a 24-hour period, peaking about 1,800 API calls (Application Program Interface) per minute.

Counterfeit goods

Serialization is the process of assigning a unique identifier to individual products applied to a product or packaging through any kind of carrier, like a human readable code, a QR code or NFC.

It allows companies to verify the products consumers buy are authentic and provides brands complete supply chain visibility to track each individual unit in real time.

Christine Akselsen, CEO, Kezzler, said the milestone is thanks to 16 years work helping to solve real world problems such as counterfeit goods, unauthorised distribution, changing regulatory requirements and the need to build consumer trust.

“Kezzler meets these challenges by digitalising billions of individual products in the supply chain. Our focus remains on achieving this in a way that promises high flexibility and scalability with low operational burden,” she said.

Kezzler’s technology is deployed by global brands for example; from Reckitt Benckiser and Pfizer Viagra in Asia to Mondelez Toblerone in Europe and Honeywell in the US.

During the campaign consumers were able to record a special video message for their intended recipient that was linked to their individual chocolate bar via a unique ID, enabling personalized gifting.

By scanning the QR code using their phone, consumers were able to record a personalized video message for the person they wanted to gift it to. When the recipient then scanned the same code, they could view the message and could share it on social media.

The Toblerone campaign followed a similar initiative in February 2018 when Kezzler and Amcor rolled out a Valentine’s Day campaign with Modelez, using the MaxQ digital packaging system on boxes of Cadbury Milk Tray across 133 UK Tesco stores.

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