Jacketed valve solution solves food processing problems


Valves Online has recently introduced an innovative, British designed Jacketed hygienic Butterfly Valve that solves re occurring problems commonly found in the confectionery industry.

Standard hygienic butterfly valves are commonly found on food process lines and used to isolate food and beverage product. Typical use for this valve is with products like chocolate, fat, food, glucose and many similar products. The problems for engineers with these sorts of products is that they solidify when cold and make the opening and closing of these valves difficult to operate.

The Warmflow design involves the butterfly valve principle which is then encapsulated with a jacket, that allows a heating medium into the jacket and is separated from the valve and the process line. This keeps the valve warm allowing the product to flow freely without solidifying.

The Warmflow patent pending jacket which can be manufactured to fit most makes of hygienic butterfly valves was designed and developed by an engineer working on chocolate process lines and solves a very common problem.

After finding that the main isolation valve was jammed with solid chocolate from a weekend shutdown, the engineer with 39 years of experience on confectionery lines came up with a solution.

The engineer explained “The main pipelines had been jacketed, but the valve was still solid and resulted in line start-up delays, with engineers having to use a heat gun to warm the valve up.” He added that “After developing and fitting the ‘Warmflow Jacketed Valve’ the problem was eliminated! Now the process line runs smoothly and on-time”.

The valve has gone on to be fitted in food factories all over the UK and has been tried and tested with a 100% success rate, resulting in efficient lines saving time and cost.

Valves Online Sales Director Gary Hopkinson said: “We are excited to bring this innovative jacketed butterfly valve to the market. Over the years we have constantly been asked for hygienic jacketed valves but haven’t been able to offer anything truly suitable until now.”

Valves Online has incorporated the Warmflow Jacket with their range of Sanitary Butterfly Valves and are available in Manual, Economy and Control Top versions, allowing trouble free operation every time.


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