Innovia Films reveals sustainable packaging innovations

Innovia Films, a leading material science pioneer and major producer of BOPP films, based in Craigieburn, Australia, has released a new video highlighting their commitment to sustainable packaging. The video outlines how polypropylene films play a crucial role in labels and flexible packaging, offering solutions that preserve food while being recyclable, renewable, and boasting a low carbon footprint.

Darren Currey, Sales Director for the APAC region, emphasises the unique benefits of polypropylene. “Polypropylene offers a unique position, firstly for its cost, but also its functionality as a final product. It’s very lightweight and offers very good food protection. Its extension of shelf life is certainly the key characteristic of polypropylene versus others,” he explains.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, manufactured using various extrusion technologies, each come with distinct sustainability and performance benefits. Innovia Films offers all these production technologies, including bubble and stenter, ensuring a versatile approach to sustainable packaging.

Chris Foley, CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), underscores the environmental significance of polypropylene films. He states, “Polypropylene films have an important place in our society. They provide a sound, solid environmental solution on condition that they are recovered, taken back, and recycled or reused.”

Innovia Films is at the forefront of developing future sustainable packaging materials by utilising renewable sources instead of fossil fuels. “We have ISCC certified bio-based polymers available. These are derived from coniferous tree oil, a totally renewable source. Additionally, we offer PCR polymers made from waste plastics destined for landfill, and post-industrial reclaim usable in any of our products,” explains Bronwyn Walker, Sustainability Manager at Innovia Australia.

While Innovia Films can provide the ideal environmental solution, the necessary infrastructure for collection, sorting, and recycling is essential. Currey highlights this point: “We have the ability here to help close the loop. But we can’t do it by ourselves. We need the support of the industry, governments, and councils. Additionally, the recyclers and waste collection systems must be in place.”

Innovia Films’ advancements in sustainable packaging are setting a new standard for the industry, demonstrating that innovative, eco-friendly solutions are not only possible but essential for the future.


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