Ice cream inclusions on the up and up – Pecan Deluxe survey says

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Whether traditionalist or trendsetter, one thing is certain: the vast majority of UK ice cream consumers still prefer “bits” in their creamy desserts. In a recent survey* commissioned by inclusions pioneer Pecan Deluxe Candy, an overwhelming 77 per cent of respondents cited a preference for some kind of mix-ins when selecting their favourite ice cream.

The type of inclusion preferred was not quite so clear cut but chocolate pieces came out the winner on 20.3%, just ahead of cookie dough (16.1%) and pralines on 15.7%. The survey also revealed very telling contrasts in preference: cookie dough is well ahead of the field in the 18 to 24-year-olds category, with over 35%, whilst brownies took second spot with nearly 25%. The gender gap was apparent too, as cookie dough and pralines were preferred more by female respondents (both nearly 18%, compared to 13% and 12% respectively from the men).

Pecan Deluxe EMEA and APAC Managing Director, Graham Kingston explained: “This survey has really been a fascinating project and our NPD teams are having a field day with the results, as we gave respondents the opportunity to give us feedback on what they’d most like to see in their ice creams. It’s also extremely gratifying to find out the significant investment that we have recently made in increasing production capacity of both chocolate shape and cookie dough lines is perfectly aligned with consumer demand for those products – in ice creams especially!

“Our most popular inclusions – cookie dough, chocolate shapes, brownies and pralines all performed pretty consistently across different population centres within the UK. However, if you happen to be in Norwich or Cardiff, don’t expect to find as many cookie dough fans! We’re looking forward to maximising the survey data to predict new trends and, as always, help our household name brand partners to develop new and innovative products to satisfy consumer tastes.”

According to Mintel the UK ice cream market was worth around £1.4bn in 2018 – up by 26% since 2013. Pecan Deluxe is a significant player in the ice cream sector and the largest supplier of cookie dough to the dessert industry within Europe. All Pecan Deluxe products, including cookie doughs, moulded chocolate shapes, fudge and brownie pieces and praline nuts, are made using natural colours and flavourings in strict allergen-controlled facilities. The company is constantly innovating to develop new flavours and textures and can create bespoke products tailor-made to customers’ requirements.

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