A host of professionals are invited to the first ever chocolate university in Belgium

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Syntra West in Bruges have created the first ever chocolate university in Belgium, launching a major event for confectioners in the process.

Between the 28th May and the 1st June, the five-day event is being held and is expected to attract a host of specialists across the industry, all of whom will be keen to take their craft to a new level.

Given that there are well over 50 chocolatiers that create and innovate with chocolate each and every day, Brussels is seen as the chocolate city of the world, making perfect sense to have it there.

The Chocolate University Belgium will kick off with a week of demos, experiences and workshops specifically around the theme of taste.

A number of expert speakers have already been announced for the event, and they include Stephane Leroux – the author of ‘Bleu Chocolat’ – who will open up about how the most pristine chocolate pieces are manufactured, and how they can be taken to the highest level possible.

Dominique Persoone, of The Chocolate Line, will also be there, and will demonstrate how to be innovative with chocolate in the idea process side of things.

As well as those two, Michel Eyckerman from Belcolade will open up about the various issues that crop up, like sugar bloom and fat bloom arise, and detail how these issues can be avoided. Fellow Belcolade colleague David Recon will also discuss the latest trends and techniques on offer, and how they can harnessed correctly to improve finishing.

For more information, visit www.chocolateuniversity.be/

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