Guylian expands product range in response to rising dark chocolate demand

Guylian, the Belgian chocolatier, has introduced larger product sizes to meet the growing demand for dark chocolate. Senior Channel Manager Travel Retail & Duty Free, Sven Adriaenssens, revealed that dark chocolate’s popularity is driving significant growth in the confectionery category, prompting the launch of Guylian’s iconic seashells in dark chocolate (72% cocoa) with a dark praline filling.

At the TFWA Asia Pacific event in May, Guylian showcased its expanded Master’s Selection line and new assortment boxes. These larger packs have been key sales drivers, attracting a wide range of travellers. “The launch of our Belgian Seashells Collection in larger sizes shows our commitment to this strategy,” said Adriaenssens.

In addition to expanding product sizes, Guylian has released a pack of Seashells Original Praliné dedicated to Eid and is developing similar packs for Chinese New Year and Diwali. This move aims to cater to cultural festivities in key markets.

Guylian’s sustainability efforts also extend to their packaging. The company uses recyclable materials and has introduced its first plastic-free box of chocolates. These initiatives align with consumer preferences for eco-friendly products in travel retail.



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