Gudrun releases chocolate made through upcycling

Gudrun recently announced a new concept in the world of chocolate as it launches chocolates that have been created through upcycling. In doing so, it recovers ingredients that would otherwise end up in waste streams, the company’s chef chocolatiers ensured the taste was maintained.

In the announcement, the company said it hoped suppliers and retailers would do more in the field of sustainability. The company has produced Belgian chocolates and truffles since 1942. Since its inception as a pastry shop, it has since evolved into a premium private label producer making 4000 tonnes of chocolate every year.

This latest innovation, upcycled chocolate, comes from a commitment to innovate and take more responsibility when it comes to sustainability. In commemoration of its 80th anniversary, Gudrun signed the Beyond Chocolate charter; bringing together chocolate professionals in Belgium and promoting sustainable chocoate.

With their new brand Cacaofruit Bites, the company is taking steps to reduce waste streams. Gudrun’s chef chocolatiers worked with the cacaofruit – a part of the cocoa bean that historically has been wasted. The pulp of the cocoa bean was used to prepare the filling of the chocolate.

Upcycling shouldn’t be confused with recycling, the company said, as a recent survey it took with 1000 consumers in Belgium, 18.4% said they knew what upcycling means, while 55.2% had not heard of it.

Of those familiar with upcycling, most appeared to associate it with furniture and clothing, and only 12% think of food. The lack of knowledge is the main reason people report never having bought an upcycled product, while other reasons circulate around hygiene and safety, and the belief upcycled products are of worse quality.

“Generation Z is often told that ‘less’ is the future: less meat, less travel, less buying. However, innovation teaches us that the future is not about less, but about ‘different’,” explained Tom Palmaerts, Trend Watcher at Trendwolves. “Upcycling shows that different is not only feasible, but also positive. Upcycling not only inspires young people in their pursuit of sustainability, but also offers a hopeful image of the future. A future that is not about less, but about a smart, innovative way of consuming and producing.”

“With our new Cacaofruit Bites, we have created a top-notch Belgian chocolate product that not only offers a taste explosion, but also takes the sustainable nature of our company to the next level. There is a reason why our slogan is ‘chocolates, we take it personally’. This product also shows that we hear our younger target groups who are rightly sounding the alarm and are very conscious about the future of the planet. If we want to continue to enjoy chocolates, we have to find ways to treat the planet with more respect. Our Cacaofruit Bites proves that innovation, taste, and sustainability can go perfectly together,” concluded Sofie De Lathouwer, CEO of Gudrun.

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