GNT launches new clean-label green shades

GNT has launched two EXBERRY Colouring Foods made from turmeric and spirulina, opening up new opportunities for clean-label greens.

EXBERRY Shade Jade Green delivers a bright, bluish green shade, while EXBERRY Shade Lime Green provides a yellowish green hue. The products expand GNT’s range of green Colouring Foods, helping the company cater to the growing global demand for cost-effective green colours that support clean label declarations.

Shade Jade Green and Shade Lime Green are both liquid-based and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are ideal for confectionery such as fruit jellies and hard-panned products; dairy products including yoghurt and ice cream; and decorative coatings for bakery, dairy and more.

They also have no impact on taste in the final application as a result of the physical, water-based methods used to create the colours.

Sonja Scheffler, Product Manager at GNT, said: “Our new green Colouring Foods provide good overall performance and wonderfully vibrant shades while supporting completely clean and clear labels. Turmeric and spirulina are both well-known, on-trend ingredients, which ensures EXBERRY Shade Jade Green and Shade Lime Green offer widespread consumer acceptance.”

Based on the principle of colouring food with food, EXBERRY products are made from edible, non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods and no chemical solvents. As a result, they offer a perfect solution for the modern market.

GNT continues to extend its range of oil-dispersible Colouring Foods with the launch of a pink shade made from fruit and vegetables in January this year. Specifically developed for use in fat-based applications, EXBERRY Shade Pink – OD is the latest addition to a collection of oil-dispersible shades that also includes red, yellow, orange, blue and green options.

Image credit: GNT Exberry
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