GELITA, a prominent provider of collagen peptide solutions for the food and nutrition industry, unveils OPTIBAR®, a new ingredient poised to revolutionise the production of protein and cereal bars, aligning with key consumer preferences. OPTIBAR® facilitates the creation of next-generation bars that cater to the burgeoning demand for increased protein content and reduced sugar levels.

OPTIBAR® represents a tailored blend of collagen peptides meticulously designed for bar manufacturing processes. It boasts remarkable solubility, yielding bars with a luxuriously smooth texture and a prolonged indulgent sensation, even at protein concentrations of up to 60 percent. To optimize results, GELITA recommends combining OPTIBAR® with whey or plant-based protein sources, enhancing structural integrity while ensuring uniformity, palatable texture, and enduring softness.

Beyond its role in protein enrichment, OPTIBAR® serves as a sugar-free binding agent for cereal bars, facilitating the formulation of products with diminished sugar content. Consequently, manufacturers can make credible ‘low sugar’ or ‘no sugar’ claims, while preserving the bars’ appealing crunchiness throughout their shelf life.

Versatility and Efficiency

This versatile collagen peptides powder expands GELITA’s array of naturally functional collagen peptide ingredients. Derived through enzymatic hydrolysis of natural collagen, OPTIBAR® offers high bioavailability and a neutral taste profile, rendering it suitable for both sweet and savory applications. It lends itself to easy customization with various flavors, sweeteners, colorants, and dietary fibers, seamlessly integrating with additional nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dried fruits, and cereals.

Characterised by its natural composition, OPTIBAR® is non-GMO and devoid of E-numbers, rendering it an optimal choice for clean label products with potential nutritional claims, including ‘source of protein,’ ‘high protein,’ ‘reduced sugar,’ ‘low sugar,’ and ‘sugar-free,’ in compliance with EU Regulation 1924/2006.

Streamlined Processing

In contrast to conventional cereal bar binders, OPTIBAR® streamlines production processes by eliminating the need for boiling. It requires simple heating with water and oil to 70°C, followed by the addition of dry ingredients and molding. Compatible with existing production lines, OPTIBAR®’s agglomerated form ensures dust-free handling, minimizing energy consumption, processing costs, and thermal stress on delicate ingredients, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Natalie Leuwer, GELITA Category Manager Food Specialties, remarks, “As a pioneer in collagen and collagen peptides, we are thrilled by the prospects offered by our latest innovative ingredient for bar manufacturers. We eagerly anticipate exploring how OPTIBAR® can be leveraged to meet consumer demands for next-generation bars that boast elevated protein content, reduced sugar levels, and irresistible taste profiles.”


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