GEA launches hygienic screw pump Hilge NOVATWIN

With its new flexible screw pump, GEA Hilge NOVATWIN, GEA fulfils customer wishes and requirements such as the highest hygienic demands for gentle product handling, long-term reliability, versatile applications and professional support throughout the entire product life cycle, based on more than 150 years of pumping experience. The new positive displacement pump completes GEA’s portfolio of hygienic pumps. It sets high standards in the pump industry in terms of reliable operation, gentle product handling and hygienic design using high-quality stainless steel. The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN can be used by customers in the milk and dairy, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, pet food and personal care industries.

The new twin screw pump will be available in six sizes. It is part of the GEA VARIPUMP line, which stands for pumps with a high degree of flexibility for optimum adaptation to individual customer requirements. GEA Hilge NOVATWIN will be officially launched in March 2020, GEA announced during a press briefing on February 27, 2020 at its production site in Bodenheim, Germany. Numerous representatives of the media gathered information directly on site, looked at the pumps in the company’s own training centre down to the smallest detail and gained their own very precise picture of an innovative positive displacement pump, which further expands the pump portfolio of GEA, the full-line supplier of hygienic pumps, and takes it to a new Level.

“Together with the proven and reliable GEA Hilge NOVALOBE rotary lobe pump, we are consistently expanding our competence in the positive displacement pump sector. As one of the technology leaders in this field, the different markets quite rightly demand top pumps with a high degree of flexibility for optimal adaptation to their individual customer needs. Solutions à la “one pump fits all” are not very effective and are neither our philosophy nor our claim. The addition of this promising pump type to the portfolio alongside the established rotary lobe pump GEA Hilge NOVALOBE will significantly strengthen GEA’s position in the positive displacement pump sector. We are now in an even better position to cover the various customer requirements with the ideal pump solution from our own broad product portfolio,” said Stefan Andresen, Business Development Manager Hygienic Pumps.

Wide range of applications for GEA Hilge NOVATWIN pumps

GEA Hilge NOVATWIN pumps have a wide range of applications. In the dairy products sector, for example, cream cheese, butter, yoghurt (also with fruit pieces), sour cream and ice cream. In the food sector, these include sugar solutions, chocolate, sauces (also with pieces), soups, mayonnaise, pastes, oils and fats, ready-made salads and pet food. Good examples of beverages are smoothies, juice concentrates, premixes and brewing yeast. Applications in the sector Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals can include nutraceuticals, blood products, vaccines, enzymes and cell cultures. For personal care products and household cleaners, GEA Hilge NOVATWIN can be used in the manufacture, processing and filling of cosmetics, body and skin care, textile care and in the processing of household cleaners.

The pump competence centre Bodenheim

GEA develops and produces its complete hygienic pump portfolio in the pump competence centre in Bodenheim: the highly flexible VARIPUMP line for complex applications as well as the more standardised SMARTPUMP line. With the sales launch of the new GEA Hilge NOVATWIN in March 2020, the addition to GEA’s positive displacement pump range is now perfect.

How GEA Hilge NOVATWIN works: Conveying and cleaning with one pump

Twin screw pumps have two screws which interlock without contact and form a closed chamber together with the pump housing. The screws rotate and thus move the medium along the screw axis from the suction to the discharge side. Like positive displacement pumps in general, twin screw pumps stand for the gentle conveyance of lumpy, shear-sensitive and abrasive media. They offer exceptionally high flexibility for pumping liquids of different viscosities.The special feature of the twin screw pump is its dual function, as they can not only pump the actual, often highly viscous product, but can also function as a CIP pump, as they can also be operated at very high speeds. Compared to alternative solutions, the use of an additional CIP pump can thus be saved.

The self-priming, hygienic GEA Hilge NOVATWIN enables safe operation with low pulsation and low noise levels at high product viscosities, temperatures up to 135°C and differential pressures up to 25 bar. The system pressure of 30 bar also allows the pump to be used in high-pressure applications. It enables one pump to handle both sensitive viscous media at low speed and cleaning media in the CIP process at up to 3,000 rpm. A constant flow at different pressures and volumes is another advantage. Due to its self-priming property (suction height up to 8 meters), other application areas can be served.For special requirements due to the pumped medium, GEA offers additional options such as a heatable or hardened pump housing. The heatable housing as an option allows the pump chamber to be heated or cooled depending on the temperature requirements of the pumped medium.

Keyword “hardened pump housing”: In case of abrasive media the screw spindles and additionally the pump housing can be hardened to increase the lifetime of the pump. Due to the low-pulsation and gentle pumping, the properties of the pumped media are retained in their appearance, structure and size. By using different screws with different pitches, the pump can be optimally adapted to the pumped medium in terms of solid size and differential pressure. This also enables gentle pumping such as yoghurt with pieces of fruit or meat salads with solids with a diameter of up to 44 mm.

Designed according to strict hygiene guidelines

The delivery of hygienically perfect and high-quality liquids requires absolutely clean pumps. They must be cleaned immediately at the end of a production and absolutely clean and free of bacteria at the beginning of a new production phase. “Cleaning” refers to the process in which the surfaces are completely freed from adhering product, deposits, etc. A carefully cleaned surface is free of visible, tangible or chemically detectable residue of contamination. The GEA Hilge NOVATWIN is designed according to EHEDG guidelines and complies with 3-A requirements.

All advantages of GEA Hilge NOVATWIN at a glance

– Due to the axial, low-pulsation conveying, even sensitive products with large solids remain intact.

– The use of one instead of two pumps for production and CIP process saves investment costs and simplifies installation.

– Good suction performance due to tight manufacturing tolerances and resulting in narrow gaps in the pump.

– Hygienic design ensures fast and safe cleanability, saving time, resources and increasing production reliability.

– Numerous combinations of screw diameters and pitches allow optimum adaptation to the desired duty point and application.

For all GEA positive displacement pumps GEA applies:

– Hygienic design

– All materials in contact with the product approved for food, beverages and pharmaceutical applications

– Proven cleanability ensures reliable and fast CIP, saving time and resources

– Durable reliability

– The robust design minimises the risk of galling and enables high differential pressure

– No metal-to-metal contact, therefore no wear when pumping even abrasive media

– Versatile application possibilities

– Flexible pump configuration according to customer requirements

– Special variants for demanding applications available

– Simple retrofitting when changing the operational Tasks

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