Flying to Confit Expo 2022


Understanding Confit Expo 2022, and why many should visit and exhibit in the beautiful city of Guadalajara. 

Summer is finally here, with people now more than ever sprinting to the nearest terminal to indulge themselves in a jet-packed glorious holiday. Many have Mexico on their minds when they think about travelling to beautiful, culture rich countries. However, Mexico is not just a hotspot for great tourism but an array of confectionery trade shows. There are various events such as Expo Pak Mexico, but another event will also stand out in this country. That highly anticipated event being Confit Expo 2022. This event will display the confectionery industry’s newest innovations and meet new clients to expand on small- or large-scale businesses. The International Confectionery team were keen to understand what would occur at this event and how impactful this will be on the industry after over two years of postponements and delays. So, let’s divulge into the world of Confit Expo 2022!   

What is Confit Expo 2022? 

Confit Expo 2022 is an international exhibition for the confectionery industry. It will provide all the latest insight into chocolates, snacks, cookies, jellies, spreads, dairy products, alternative beverages, party items, disposable products, machinery, equipment, raw materials, packaging and services. It will take place from August 2 to 5 2022, in Guadalajara, Mexico. With regards to numbers, it is expected to be a very popular event with over 4023 visitors, 180+ exhibitors, and more than 13+ participating countries. 

Why exhibit? 

International exhibitions are large events organised with the aim of facilitating commercial transactions between companies around the world and are characterised by bringing together in one place and at the same time the supply and demand of certain products or services. 

Driving sales, achieving negotiations, maintaining a brand, building customer loyalty or presenting new products are some of the reasons why companies choose to participate in exhibitions. 

Confit Expo, International Exhibition for the Confectionery Industry, offers the most important meeting forum in Mexico for manufacturers of finished products, equipment suppliers, raw materials to contact the marketers of confectionery, snacks, party items and disposable products, establishing commercial relationships and conducting business. 

Confit Expo offers a stand that adapts to the needs of micro, small, medium and large companies. 

Consult the Exhibition Plan on the website to choose the space that best suits the company. 

Why Visit? 

Trade shows are the best showcase for companies that have something to offer to a specific market. 

Confit Expo, International Exhibition for the Confectionery Industry, brings together companies in the sector that are manufacturers of confectionery products, chocolates, snacks, party items, disposable products, suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials, services, among others. This means that you can contact in the same place and at the same time with numerous professionals in the sector who will attend to your concerns and needs in person. 

By attending the benefits are potentiated over your competitors  

  • Personalised contact with exhibitors. 
  • You meet new manufacturers (suppliers) and products. 
  • You will know how innovation is being made in your sector. 
  • Your network of contacts is expanded by establishing new business possibilities. 
  • Bonds are strengthened. You acquire a greater and better knowledge of the market. 
  • You get better discounts that exhibitors only offer to those who visit Confit Expo.
  • Confit Expo will be held from August 2 to 5, 2022 at Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Anyone’s attendance will make a difference! 

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