Fazer recognised with ISM award

Majlen Fazer, Senior Specialist in Product Quality, Cocoa and Chocolate at Fazer is the winner of this year’s ISM award, in recognition of her commitment towards sustainability in the sweets and snack industry.

Fazer is aiming to get the food industry on track to a liveable future with environmentally friendly, healthy and high quality products and packaging. Fazer has been a family-owned business for over 230 years. Now in its fourth generation Maljen Fazer, the great-granddaughter of Karl Fazer, is part of the company with the aim of infecting even more people with her enthusiasm for chocolate.

Maljen is working ‘from the bean upwards’ to retain the chocolatey taste and secure the quality of the product, but the environmental aspect is important to her, including a transparent production chain and sustainable cocoa origins. The cocoa farmers being guaranteed a good income, and implementing a circular economy in the factories and across the value chain are also important aspects.

Her exceptional contribution to the further development of the sweets and snacks industry will be recognised at ISM by an international jury comprising of representatives across the industry, trade and science sector.

“I am delighted at receiving this distinction, which is a huge honour for the company and shows that my work is highly appreciated,” said Majlen Fazer.

The ISM award will be presented during the festive ISM dinner on 23 April 2023. The laudation will be held by Tom Lindblad, Managing Director of Fazer Commercial Units.

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