Expert production process from Tanis Confectionery

Expert production process from Tanis Confectionery

Tanis Confectionery works with its customer from concept all the way to the end product, and boasts an impressive machinery portfolio to ensure the job is done to the highest standard.

Tanis Confectionery designs and supplies complete process lines for the production of sugar confectionery around the globe. A production plant that weighs, adds, mixes, heats, boils, cools and gives shape to the ingredients of your final product.  

With humble beginnings as a process engineer with a background in mechanical engineering, Leo Tanis, Founder and CEO of Tanis Confectionery and OTC Candy, was able to boost Tanis Confectionery from being a kitchen equipment supplier, to providing complete process expertise and it became a one-stop-shop supplier of gums and jelly production lines. His long history in the industry gives Tanis Confectionery the knowledge and experience to provide the best service in gums and jelly manufacturing. Also its investment in R&D at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre (TCIC) means customers are fully supported from raw ingredients all the way through to the end product. By commissioning and managing multiple factories around the globe, expertise has been built up in technical skills, product and process development, and the application of multiple ingredients and flavours.  

The team at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre have all-around, in-depth confectionery knowledge. They are able to provide training, give assistance in developing new product ideas or improve current recipes.  

Demonstrations of confectionery production with Tanis equipment have always been a core activity of the TCIC and will remain so. It is possible to test production at preliminary table-top scale, via intermediate 8 kg batches to 100 kg/h production scale The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre is equipped with a whole array of equipment designed and built in-house. We can use equipment from our standard programme, but equipment can also be combined into new configurations to create novel solutions for new products with new flavours, compositions and shapes. At the end it is possible to envision the realisation of your idea by obtaining a real time proof of concept. 

Tanis customers also come to the Innovation Centre for training. To make the start-up, commissioning and construction of the plant that you have ordered as quickly and efficiently as possible, we can run tests with supervisors and operators at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre. Due to COVID, in-person meetings are not possible, so Tanis have developed its remote technology services to include live demonstrations with multiple cameras to zoom in on particular processes, and even offer to send the videos to its customers for refreshing of information and training. 

With gums and jellies – Tanis Confectionery produce clear, fresh, consistent flavour, colour and structure: the trick is to use the properties of all the ingredients to optimally develop the structure. The preparation and conditioning plants for gums and jelly masses are suitable for all hydrocolloids whether of vegetable (agar, pectin, starch, carrageenan, gum arabic) or animal (gelatin) origin, meaning the company is quick to develop new products in line with new ingredient trends.  

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