Doug Wagner appointed as CEO of ingredients PLUS

Technology solutions provider of ingredients for the food and beverage industry ingredients PLUS has appointed Doug Wagner as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the company, Mr Wagner was President and CEO of International Imaging Materials, a manufacturer and distributor of imaging consumables, digital inks and medical device components.

“Our vision is establishing ingredients PLUS as more than just a provider of sweetener products, pivoting into added food ingredients across our targeted markets,” said Wagner. “We’re doing that, in part, by leveraging our ability to handle bulk ingredients by rail, and our company-owned fleet of trucks and trailers across multiple locations.”

In addition to his initial actions, Mr Wagner has been working with his executive team to create and codify the company’s purpose, vision, mission and values that align with the long-term strategies of the organisation.

“We are building a strong and sustainable company for future generations,” Wagner explained. “Through investments in people and processes, diversification of our product offering, and geographical expansion to serve an expanded customer segment, we will solidify our purpose.”

According to Mr Wagner, the logistics advantage held by ingredients PLUS and the company’s opportunity to executive a diversification strategy parallel to his experience as CEO with NY-based IIMAK. At IIMAK, the focus was on outperforming competition on customer experience, logistics and distribution capabilities. Mr Wagner noted similarities between the two organisations with regards to the quality of the employees, shared passion and commitment, work ethic, and desire to continue to learn and expand their capabilities.

“We’re building on ingredient PLUS’s talent, strengthening organizational development, and launching ingredients PLUS University in the coming year to focus on continuous improvement and upskilling our team,” Wagner concluded. “We’re also adding several new positions to the organization, which will add expertise to our team, further enabling the achievement of our goals and strategies.”

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