Divi’s Nutraceuticals launches CaroNat for natural colouration


Divi’s Nutraceuticals launches CaroNat, a naturally sourced food ingredient intended for the dark yellow to orange colouration of a variety of foods and beverages. CaroNat is made from concentrated carrot juice and inherently contains beta-carotene. Consisting only of ingredients of natural origin and manufactured without the addition of silicon dioxide, CaroNat supports brands in their transition to clean labels. CaroNat contains only plant-based ingredients and allows claims such as: “No artificial colour/ingredient”, “Vegetarian” or “Vegan”.

Divi’s production process allows the stabilization of this natural ingredient in fine powder form for easy handling and excellent stability. CaroNat provides superior performance in a wide range of applications such as beverages, instant drinks, yoghurt, gummy candies, cakes, puddings, frozen desserts and many more. Thanks to the equalization of the beta-carotene content, CaroNat dispenses uniform, natural colouration to food preparations. It shows excellent stability during food processes such as pasteurization, cooking, etc. and good dispersibility in beverage applications. CaroNat is available all year round thanks to a production process that compensates seasonal variations.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the health effects of artificial colourants. They are seeking more natural options, boosting the demand for additive-free foods and beverages. At the same time, aspect and colour still play a key role in food selection and purchasing decision. Made only from natural ingredients and delivering the desirable appearance of the final product, CaroNat allows food marketers to respond to this growing trend.

Divi’s Nutraceuticals is a global manufacturer and supplier of over 80 forms of carotenoids and vitamins. The company was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Divi’s Laboratories, a leading global supplier of active pharmaceuticals (APIs) and intermediates. Divi’s is fully dedicated to quality and innovation with a team of over 400 scientists who make up their Quality, Research and Development departments. Thanks to their exclusive cutting-edge development and production, they supply nutritional, food, beverage and feed customers with state-of-the-art product forms throughout the world.


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