Digimarc and OMRON partner to modernise industrial automation

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), a global leader in digital watermarking technologies, and OMRON, a renowned provider of industrial automation solutions, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at elevating industrial automation solutions. The integration of Digimarc’s digital watermarks with OMRON’s machine vision technology introduces an innovative approach to digital product identification, poised to revolutionise industrial automation. This collaboration will assist manufacturers and brands in staying competitive, adapting to evolving market conditions, and complying with the stringent demands for sustainable, customised products.

“Brands are under increasing pressure to meet new industry regulations, streamline operations, and satisfy consumer expectations for quality, authenticity, and sustainability,” stated Ken Sickles, Chief Product Officer at Digimarc. “Our partnership with OMRON delivers an industrial automation solution that addresses these challenges directly—enhancing efficiency, maintaining quality and regulatory standards, and offering actionable, real-time data insights.”

A Future-proofed Industrial Automation Solution
Advancements in industrial automation are essential for business operations and consumer safety. Label mix-ups, for example, can result in food products being shipped without proper ingredient disclosure, posing life-threatening risks for allergens like peanuts, milk, or gluten. Manufacturers and brands require automated control and quality checks to prevent such errors.

Digimarc and OMRON’s collaboration aims to modernise industrial automation by enabling manufacturers to prevent mismatched components or mislabeled products, increase production speed and efficiency, and streamline the distribution and fulfilment of packaged goods. The solution also aids in the recovery, sorting, and recycling of packaging materials post-use, reducing environmental waste and enhancing the quality and quantity of post-consumer recyclate.

“Our customers in the consumer goods sector face increasing demands for safety and sustainable packaging,” said Fernando Colás, Chief Executive Officer of OMRON Industrial Automation EMEA. “By integrating Digimarc’s advanced digital watermarking technology into our machine vision solutions, we offer innovative packaging solutions that minimise unnecessary materials and prevent mislabeled or mispackaged products.”


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