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CEPI’s new headquarters prioritises safety, sustainability, productivity and innovation.

Almost forty years since its foundation and with an exceptional near 90% growth in the last decade, this early June CEPI inaugurated its new headquarters. CEPI’s new home has been a much much celebrated, much needed milestone for this Italian company that since 1985 has been designing, manufacturing and commissioning turn-key bulk-handling systems for food manufacturers all over the world.  

The new facility tripled their productive area to a total of 15,000 square metres, with a 13,000 square metres factory space and the rest dedicated to offices. CEPI designed their new home according to the principles of safety and sustainability: they wanted it to be beautiful, but most of all, green and safe for all their employees. The new headquarters are powered and heated by renewable energy, including a 430 kw/h solar system, radiant floor heating, total heat recovery, recovery of rainwater for irrigation, refills for electric cars, high efficiency heat pumps, increased insulation and high brightness shed. They are fitted with microfiltration against fine dust in the air, welding gas distribution system, lighter-weight roof and swinging hooks. 

But this space also reflects CEPI’s desire to guarantee that their customers are provided with a product that is exceptional in every respect, including heightened efficiency in production and a continuous investment in offering personalized, innovative solutions.  

The layout of the new factory has been built through a detailed study of productivity and goods flows. Production is more centralised and rational, thanks not only to the added space but the optimisation of all processes and waste reduction. Other important additions include automatic vertical warehouse, customs approved place, dedicated loading area, silo washing department, and a large expansion to the tall areas, which are up to 16 mt in height, for the construction of outdoor stainless-steel silos. 

The new headquarters include a 240 square metres testing and prototyping room fitted with metrology room, a testament to their dedication to research aimed at creating a virtuous circle in their research. They will be able to perform more tests for their customers and provide them with more food technology assistance and assistance in the developments of their recipes.  

CEPI always say that their product is the installation in all its interacting parts, and their service is costumisation. The new testing room will be instrumental in ensuring the delivery of a fine-tuned, turn-key product that matches the materials of the costumers and optimises their specific process. Their motto is: if your process needs it, They can do it. If they can’t do it yet, they will develop it, just for you. This is the vision that drove CEPI’s growth since its beginnings, enabling them to build around 10.000 installations all over the world with the most important operators in various food markets: from bakery, to confectionery, pasta, cereals, dairy, beverage, functional and baby food but also non food industries such as the pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industries.  

With the new testing room, CEPI plans to create system wide prototypes, testing an increasingly wider range of materials – not only will CEPI able to test and develop new technologies, but customers will be able to access their systems and perform dosing and conveyance tests directly on their own materials…

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