Confectionery Live introduces Caroline Busse

Ahead of the must-attend virtual event Confectionery Live happening this month, 21-22 February, we are pleased to announce our next speaker; Caroline Busse, CEO and Co-Founder of nadar.

Caroline Busse is the Co-Founder and CEO of nadar. Nadar offers satellite-powered forest monitoring and supports companies in complying with the new EU Deforestation Regulation. Caroline has a background in data science, management, and remote sensing and years of experience as a data scientist at tech startups and in the nature conservation sector as a consultant at WWF.

The importance of transparency in the cocoa supply chain was underscored by the announcement of the EUDR regulation, set to come into force at the end of this year – which outlines that product sold to consumers within the EU, including cocoa, must not be linked to deforestation.

Overall consciousness of how companies and countries can ensure the cocoa grown and sourced does not impact on the environment and welfare of cocoa farmers has meant the implementation of monitoring technologies has become more crucial.

In her session at Confectionery Live, Caroline Busse, CEO and Founder of nadar will provide an overview of the EU Deforestation Regulation as well as understanding its implications for the cocoa supply chain; discuss the potential of satellite technology in deforestation tracking and provider insights into nadar’s work and efforts to mitigate deforestation within the cocoa supply chain.

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