CHOCOTECH’s future-oriented solutions at ProSweets

CHOCOTECH has announced it will be exhibiting at the upcoming ProSweets trade fair in January 2024. CHOCOTECH manufactures a range of processing equipment designed for both batch and continuous production of various sweets including jelly, fondant, caramel, fudge, hard candy, chewy candy, OTC, fruit snacks and more.

In addition to this broad spectrum of confectionery products, CHOCOTECH also offers a range of chocolate processing machines including their FROZENSHELL technology for producing chocolate shells; PRALIMAT, arange of forming, filling and coating machines; and the CHOCOFORM lentil forming machines.

The company’s focus is on energy-efficient and future-oriented solutions in process technology which will be explained in detail at ProSweets. Attendees will also receive information about SweetConnect, the digital platform that monitors process and system parameters in real time and enables operators access to system documentation, spare parts lists and maintenance management.

Two machines will be the main focus at the trade fair; PRINCESS JELLYMASTER and PRINCESS CANDY. PRINCESS JELLYMASTER includes a mixing tank with a high sheer mixers for processing a range of hydrocolloids, a slurry dosing pump for feeding the SUCROTWIST cooker and pressure dissolver with a combined vacuum chamber to enable the production of a wide range of jelly variants.

The system is controlled by a PLC and like the rest of the PRINCESS laboratory units is designed to meet requirements of production. In the particular configuration that will be displayed at the show, a jet cooker with direct steam injection (DSI) for processing High Amylose Starches (HAS) has also been integrated into the process.

The PRINCESS CANDY universal batch cooker was developed to cover a wide range of cooking process applications in the laboratory scale or for smaller test productions with a batch size of 5kg maximum. This single unit with a PLC control can be used in many ways, for atmospheric cooking, cooking under pressure, pressure dissolving processes, cooking under vacuum, heating, cooling as well as for aeration by adding the optional PRINCESS TURBOWHIP batch aeration system.

By combining its machines with parent company SOLLICH’s systems, customers have access to a complete production line from a single supplier.

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