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As direct manufacturers of turnkey bulk-handling systems for every food market, CEPI provides multiple solutions for the weighing and accurate dosing of all powders and liquids in the recipe. Powder hoppers are stainless steel and modular and dosing can be continuous or batch, positive, by loss of weight, by volume or by weight. Liquid dosing is done in tanks or IBS controlled by electronic metering scale, with temperature and modified atmosphere control.  

Micro-ingredients such as salt, improvers, aromas, spices, starch, inclusions, and  other additives are handled by broad spectrum high precision metering station  Trimix, and special solutions are provided for the preparation, storing and dosing of salt solution and invert sugar and the cold and hot dosing of fats. 

The dosing system comes with fully integrated automation of all operations including production management on PLC with HMI, full traceability and warehouse management on native software, total information exchange with SQL database and weight control in real time. 

Company profile 

Cepi designs, manufactures and instals bulk-handling systems for storage, conveying and dosing of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes. A family-run company with an international outlook, CEPI is based in Italy and operates globally,  with offices in Malaysia to coordinate operations in the Asian market and a  network of local partners spanning the five continents. Since 1985, we have worked with the most important companies from all sectors of food manufacturing. 

CEPI’s vision centres flexibility, customisation and the continued research that goes into developing around 300 unique systems every year. We believe in building lasting relationships for lasting projects, through an ongoing conversation which concerns all their aspects: from process and product analysis with hygiene and safety management and food technology support, to engineering and control, manufacture, commissioning and service. All these stages are managed internally and with continuity through all operations and all-encompassing support, we give each project the care it deserves. 

We are active worldwide with a large network of partners in the five continents, and offices in Malaysia to coordinate our activities in the Asian market. CEPI brings to the table a global knowledge of materials, environments, and markets as well as the continued research that goes into developing around 300 unique systems every year. 

We look at the installation as our product rather than its individual parts. This vision extends to the breadth of services we provide, giving you access to a wealth of expertise and innovation at each stage of the project – from product and process analysis to commissioning and service. CEPI has made it a priority to nurture talent and support its growth, fostering durable and trusting relationships with and among our people. We are proud of our qualified, reliable crew and their investment in seeing each project succeed. 

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